Slot Machine Myths


Slot machines can get “hot” or “cold.”


Standard slot machines do not get “hot” or “cold.” The odds of making a particular combination are the same on each turn. Such machines do not “have” to pay out if they have not given out a jackpot. Exception: so-called progressive slot machines online casino malaysia.


The slot machines would have sequences of symbols that would return regularly following a logic.


No more, no chance of this happening with the millions of possibilities generated every second. And even if with a computer you could follow these millions of possibilities, imagine having to press to the nearest thousandth of a second …


 Slots with high payout rates are placed in traffic zones.


There is no science of machine placement in a casino; machines with the highest payout rates are not necessarily placed in traffic zones. On the other hand, the most played are those where there is the most passage.


I have more chances of hitting the jackpot when the casino is full.


What is true is that there are more jackpots when the casino is full, the reason being that more people are playing slots. And it has nothing to do with any manipulation of slot machines by casinos.

 The redistribution rates change according to the time of day.


The redistribution rates of slot machines are fixed at their purchase, and they cannot be changed by the time of day, day of the week, or remotely by a computer (exception made from this experience in the United States ). Casinos also have no control over what time the jackpot will hit.


What to add? A superstition like any other.


The random number generator has nothing to do with whether you are pressing the key or pulling a lever. Another sad news: you can’t influence the slot machine at all!


Someone has just sat down at the slot machine I just left and hit a big jackpot.


You say to yourself: “If I had stayed a little longer, it would have been mine.” Frankly, you would have had to press the button at the same microsecond as the other player, any change in timing would have given a different result. Have no regrets, then.


I played this slot machine in a row for 5 (or 8 or 20) days and didn’t hit the jackpot. It should happen now …


The probability of hitting the jackpot the first or the 500,000th time is the same. Remember that the payout percentages are based on millions of games, and for a player to hit 500,000 games at 500 spins per hour, they would have to play 1000 hours. And that still wouldn’t guarantee a jackpot or even reaching that payout rate.


I don’t play this slot machine because it just paid a jackpot.


Short term means nothing to a machine. You will have the same odds whether you play right before or right after a jackpot. Sad, but true!


Either way, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing that you’ve won on a line you haven’t bet on. So yes, bet on all lines, but you don’t have to bet to the maximum, except for progressive jackpots, which only drop if you play to the maximum.


There is a way to win.


False: Ignore all the “expert” nicknames who will advise you on various game tactics: the only tactic that works is your luck.